18:34 / 09.04.2022.

Author: Domagoj Ferenčić

Energy expert says EU's approach to energy is unrealistic and illogical

Miro Skalicki

Miro Skalicki

Foto: Boris Scitar / PIXSELL

As western countries continue to impose sanctions against Russia and inflation is running rampant, the issue of how western economies will fare without access to relatively cheap Russian oil and natural gas has become a hot topic. Another concern is that the European Union is only replacing its dependence on Russian oil and gas, with dependency on American oil and gas.

Speaking for Croatian Radio on Friday energy expert Miro Skalicki criticized the approach Zagreb and Brussels have taken with regard to their energy concerns: “In the short term, and here I'm talking about a decade or more, wind, solar and biomass cannot replace petroleum products and gas. Unfortunately, we rely on them. When I look at Croatia and the European Union, everything was built on that concept. Just think Nordstream 2. But many other projects were also based on the flow of oil and gas, while moving towards greener energy. So, their attempts now to completely change their story, such as the EU's claim that it will reduce its dependence on Russian oil and gas by two thirds this year alone, and cut it altogether in a few years, is in my opinion unrealistic. But I also don't think it makes much sense.”

One alternative source of energy that some people feel could help ease the country's energy deficit, is Hydrogen. Croatia has adopted a National Hydrogen Strategy, the first concrete goal of which is to open ten hydrogen filling stations for road vehicles over the next three years.

Source: HRT

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