17:08 / 12.08.2022.

Author: Branko Lozančić

Croatian Tourist Board: Currently 82,000 Italian tourists in Croatia

Illustration – tourists in Zadar

Illustration – tourists in Zadar

Foto: Dino Stanin / PIXSELL

There are currently more than 82,000 Italian tourists in Croatia, who are the third most numerous foreign guests, right after Germans and Slovenians, and the largest influx of Italian guests is expected this weekend, announced the Head Office of the Croatian Tourist Board.

“On the eve of the Ferragosto holiday, there is currently great interest in Croatia in Italy, and the Italians singled out Croatia, Greece, Spain and France as the most desirable foreign destinations,” pointed out the director of the Croatian Tourist Board representative office in Italy, Viviana Vukelić, in a press release.

According to her, the Croatian Tourist Board representative office in Milan has been recording increased interest in all Croatian destinations since June.

“Bus, ferry and air lines to our country have been increased, especially now in the month of August when most Italians go on vacation. We also note significant interest in organized trips for young people to Croatia, especially in Novalja, and the demand for trips in this period will be most pronounced as part of last-minute arrangements,” Vukelic pointed out, adding that Italians, considering the war in Ukraine, inflation and numerous price increases in Italy, but also despite the fact that they themselves have a sea, still come to Croatia.

At the same time, the Croatian Tourist Board presented data from the eVisitor system, according to which 136,000 arrivals and 634,000 overnight stays have been achieved in Croatia in the current part of August from the Italian market, which, compared to last year, is a growth of 73 percent in arrivals and 68 percent in overnight stays. As a result, in August 2022 the Italian market ranks second in the top market in terms of arrivals and sixth in the most important markets in terms of overnight stays, and the most popular destinations are Novalja, Medulin and Rovinj, which recorded an increase in overnight stays of 178, 77 and 35 percent in comparison to last year.

In the current part of the year, Italians have achieved 538,000 arrivals and 2.2 million overnight stays, which compared to last year represents a growth in arrivals of 140 percent and in overnight stays of 104 percent. Thus, the Italian market ranks sixth among the top markets in terms of arrivals and seventh in terms of overnight stays in the current part of 2022, according to the Croatian Tourist Board, which assessed that these positive trends were influenced by numerous promotional activities and publications in prominent Italian media.

Source: HRT

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