21:59 / 06.12.2021.

Author: Katja Miličić

Croatia signs deal with European Commission on euro adoption information campaign

Finance Minister Zdravko Marić

Finance Minister Zdravko Marić

Foto: Dnevnik / HRT

Croatia and the European Commission are partnering on a campaign to inform the public about Croatia's planned switch to the euro in 2023.

Finance Minister Zdravko Marić signed a partnership agreement with the European Commission on Monday in Brussels agreeing to work jointly on communicating and informing the Croatian public about how the economic and monetary union works and what people need to know about the euro in order to facilitate a smoother transition.

Under the agreement, the Commission will support activities to be carried out under the Communication Strategy. Together with Croatia, it will identify activities that will be supported, which may include strengthening human capacities in the field of communication, public opinion polls, production of promotional materials and publications, conferences and seminars, exhibitions, media campaigns and public relations activities.

The Commission will also cover 50% of the costs of the activities outlined under the Communication Strategy for the Implementation of the National Plan on the Adoption of the Euro.

"Certainly, through the standards and principles that we have woven into this undertaking, information, knowledge, and complete transparency towards our citizens are key and integral. So, this communication strategy will certainly contribute the most to that, both at this stage, when the preparatory actions are still ongoing, when we are still focused on meeting our criteria, and even more so when the European institutions officially announce that in that six months, Croatia will enter the Eurozone. That could happen at the earliest in the middle of next year,” Minister Maric told Croatian Television.

Marić was asked whether due to the economic effects of pandemic and the fact that many of the criteria for joining the euro area have been suspended, Croatia still planned to join on January 1, 2023.

“Noting that we do have to meet all the criteria, I personally do not see a slow-down in dialogue or our cooperation with European institutions like the EC or the ECB. Our cooperation remains very intense. We are sticking to meeting the criteria we promised to fulfil when we entered the ERM2,” said Marić, adding “Taking all five criteria, including rate of inflation and fiscal matters, Croatia is doing well and our budget proposal for next year should make it possible for us to meet these criteria.”

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