19:45 / 07.02.2022.

Author: Domagoj Ferenčić

Citizens and businesses bear the brunt as energy prices continue to soar

Gas station

Gas station

Foto: Dusko Jaramaz / PIXSELL

For the second time this winter that the Croatian Government has intervened on the market and capped gasoline and diesel fuel prices in a bid to mitigate the knock-on effects rising fuel prices have on overall inflation in the economy.

Fuel prices in Croatia continue to reflect rising oil prices on international markets, as a barrel of crude oil has spiked to almost $95. Speaking after a telephone session of his cabinet on Monday, Prime Minister Andrej Plenković announced to the media that government has once again decided to cap fuel prices: "Euro-Super 95 will be capped at its current 11 Kuna and 37 Lipa for the next month, diesel at 11.29, and this time we have also adopted a decision to cap the price of blue diesel used in the fisheries and agriculture sectors, at 6.5 Kuna."

Meanwhile, Economy Minister Tomislav Ćorić commented on the increase in the price of natural gas on Monday, claiming that negotiating variable prices was not a mistake because no one could have predicted the recent developments on the market: "This kind of increase was unexpected, it could not have been foreseen. Because if it could have been foreseen I am convinced that many people would have hedged against this risk."

Also on Monday, Ćorić’s Economy and Sustainable Development Ministry presented its Hydrogen Strategy until 2050. Hydrogen is an important part of the transition to clean energy that will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The strategy focuses on the production of renewable hydrogen with a minimal carbon output.

"By 2030 40 percent of the total amount of energy we consume will come from renewable sources, and that is the goal of this directive. Right now we're at 36.6 percent, but with these new documents and with what we're being offered as support through EU financial instruments, we feel that we can be even more ambitious," said ministry official Kristina Celić.

Source: HRT

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