17:53 / 14.03.2022.

Author: Branko Lozančić

Carriers are seeking urgent assistance from the government

Carriers asking for assistance

Carriers asking for assistance

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The Voice of Entrepreneurs Association and the Association of Croatian Road Carriers are asking the Government for urgent measures to help carriers due to the new increase in fuel prices, and one of the measures they are proposing is aid in the amount of two kuna per liter of excise duty refund.

As of Tuesday, as stated in the announcement, the price of fuel should increase by 1.60 kuna, which means that the price of gasoline would jump to 13.79 kuna, and diesel to 14.13 kuna per liter.

“This enormous rise in prices will have a great impact on Croatian road carriers, and the consequences will be felt by absolutely everyone in Croatia,” warned the Voice of Entrepreneurs.

They believe that without the Government and urgent measures of assistance, carriers will not be able to function as before, which will lead to other higher prices of services because no one can work for free or at a loss.

The Voice of Entrepreneurs notes that in the last few months we have witnessed a rapid rise in fuel prices, but that this latest price increase will be disastrous for many.

The increase in fuel prices, as they say, affects the increase in the price of transport, which leads to a change in the lives of citizens as well, because certain transport lines will have to be reduced in order for carriers to survive.

That is why the associations insist on the introduction of measures that would facilitate business for entrepreneurs and life for citizens. They also emphasize that there are no more measures to help preserve jobs, which is another big problem.

Therefore, the Voice of Entrepreneurs Association and the Association of Croatian Road Carriers ask the Minister of Maritime, Transport and Infrastructure Oleg Butković to "realistically look at the whole situation" and propose that, given the increase in fuel prices, an aid measure of a two kuna per liter refund for excise duties.

In addition, they call for unrestricted access to fuel in the event of a reduction, the introduction of transport diesel for both fishermen and farmers, and the continuation of measures to preserve jobs.

“In addition, we believe that it is necessary to temporarily suspend the mixing of biodiesel into fuel, given that the price of fuel is rising and introduce a quantitative restriction on refueling for foreign trucks, so that they can get a maximum of 200 liters, as is already the practice in individual surrounding countries,” they pointed out.

This approach, as they explained, can greatly facilitate Croatian carriers and enable them to continue working.

Otherwise, as they point out, many will have to close their doors because the current trend of rising fuel prices will lead to a collapse.

“We insist on an urgent reaction, otherwise the Government will, with its lack of interest, allow one branch of the economy to disappear completely, "said the two associations.

They also emphasized that excise duties and other levies are a big problem, which makes doing business in Croatia extremely difficult, which is why they still believe that it is necessary to abolish all unnecessary levies.

Source: HRT

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