21:50 / 22.07.2021.


Zdravko Mamić pays 52M kuna to settle financial judgement

Zdravko Mamić

Zdravko Mamić

Foto: Denis Kapetanovic / PIXSELL

Former Dinamo Zagreb boss Zdravko Mamić has settled his debt to the state, according to his attorney.

Veljko Miljević, the attorney representing Zdravko Mamić, confirmed on Thursday that his client had settled with the state the monetary portion of his sentence. 

“He confirmed to me that all this has been done in the last few days and that all his obligations under the final judgment of the Osijek County Court of 8 June 2018 and confirmed by the Supreme Court on March 3 this year have been settled,” Miljević said.

Mamić fled to Bosnia-Herzegovina after Croatian courts sentenced him to six and a half years in prison for siphoning off millions of euros in transfer fees while he was the club's chief executive. He was also ordered to pay 52 million kuna - roughly 8 million euros - in restitution. The state seized 7.5 million kuna in Mamić's assets and now, his attorney says, he has paid the remaining 44.5 million.

Without naming any names, the State Prosecutor’s Office confirmed in a statement that it had entered into a settlement agreement with the spouse of a convict on June 28, 2021, based on a final judgment by the Osijek County Court on June 6, 2018, in order to collect confiscated property.

“The Zagreb County State's Attorney's Office, representing the Republic of Croatia in proceedings for collection of confiscated property, based on the final and enforceable judgment of the Osijek County Court of 6 June 2018, and the Republic of Croatia, with respect to the assets gained by the convict through the crimes he committed and which was determined to be HRK 52,037,435.73 by the cited judgment, concluded a Settlement Agreement with the convict's wife on 28 June 2021,” the statement said.

The fact that he paid the money does not change Mamic's legal status and he remains a fugitive. The news is that his property is no longer blocked.

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