21:51 / 17.12.2021.

Author: Katja Miličić

Zagreb doctors help girl beat massive odds to recover from near fatal accident

Anđela, her mother Dragana, and her team of doctors

Anđela, her mother Dragana, and her team of doctors

Foto: Josip Regovic / PIXSELL

A six-year-old girl, who was so severely injured when she fell off a tractor and was crushed beneath it that doctors said her chances of survival were minimal, is finally out of the hospital after five months of treatment. 

Anđela from Bosanski Brod underwent 16 complex surgeries and months of therapy at Zagreb's Children's Hospital before finally being released on Friday. When she was admitted in July, doctors gave her a 2% chance of survival. With the help of a dedicated medical team, she beat the odds.

"We believed everything was going to be ok. As much as the doctors said the situation was very bad, we never lost hope and in the end, it was alright," said Dragana, Anđela’s mother, at a news conference on Friday in Zagreb.

Dr. Goran Roić, the chief administrator of Zagreb Children's Hospital, said Anđela’s story was a huge success for his hospital and other hospitals that participated in her treatment.

 He also credited Health Minister Vili Beroš for reaching out to provide assistance to the family, who live in Bosanski Brod and are citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

"The treatment process was extremely difficult, long and complex. We received assistance from many selfless and noble colleagues from other medical institutions because in treating this little girl over these months we needed expertise from many fields," Dr. Roić said.

Dr. Stjepan Višnjić, a pediatric surgeon, said Anđela’s injuries were extensive.

“She could not breathe on her own and spent 20 days on a ventilator. She had significant damage to her abdomen, urinary tract, musculoskeletal system, skin, and reproductive system,” said Dr. Višnijć.

Doctors first had to reanimate and stabilize the girl, who was only five at the time and fighting for her life. A month later, doctors concluded that she was stable enough to begin reconstructing her damaged bones and organs. Among the challenges they faced was reconstructing the child’s pelvis. Twelve surgeons worked on the case to ensure she could walk and control her bodily functions again. 

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