18:57 / 16.07.2021.

Author: Katja Miličić

Weather service issues severe storm warning

File photo: severe weather warning for Saturday

File photo: severe weather warning for Saturday

Foto: Kristina Stedul Fabac/PIXSELL / DHMZ

Croatia's national weather service has issued a code yellow warning for Osijek, Zagreb, Karlovac, Gospić, Kvarner, and the Velebit Channel due to the possibility of heavy rain and thunderstorms on Friday. 

An orange warning is in effect for Saturday for Osijek, Zagreb, Karlovac, and Gospić, while the other regions will remain under a yellow warning, which indicates the potential for danger, while orange means conditions will be dangerous.

“Be careful due to the possibility of severe thunderstorms. Special care should be taken if one is in exposed areas such as mountains, woods or fields. Outdoor activities could be interrupted,” the Croatian Hydro-Meteorological Bureau warned on Friday.

The Kvarner area and the Velebit Channel were issued the warning due to high NE winds. Wind speeds in Kvarner could reach between 65 and 75 kmph and up to 85 kmph in the Velebit Channel.

“Although normal and frequent for this region, local wind speeds could reach dangerous levels that create waves dangerous for smaller vessels at sea. Inexperienced sailors, especially those operating smaller boats, should avoid sailing during this time, pay attention to the maritime weather forecast, and consider wind and sea conditions. Some catamarans may not be able to sail. If traveling, check for traffic updates,” the weather service said.

There is a danger of urban flooding in Osijek, Zagreb, and Karlovac and flash flooding in Gospić on Saturday. Residents of these areas are urged to protect themselves and their property. They have also been warned that there is a possibility of power and communication outages, as well as disruptions in the potable water supply. Visibility will be reduced and the roads wet and slick, so drivers should be extra careful, the service warned.

The national water authority, Hrvatske vode, has also issued a flash flood warning for this weekend, especially for Saturday in Gorski Kotar, Lika and the rest of continental Croatia.

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