18:43 / 09.03.2022.

Author: Branko Lozančić

Victoria traveled with her children from Kyiv to Zagreb for six days

Victoria travelled six days with her children from Kyiv to Zagreb

Victoria travelled six days with her children from Kyiv to Zagreb

Foto: HTV / IMS

Victoria traveled with her children from Kiev to Zagreb for six days. "We are here so that it would be easier for our husbands to defend the country, as soon as we find out that it is peaceful there, we will hurry home," she told Ruža Ištuk for Croatian Radio Television.

Victoria came from Ukraine with two sons; one is 11, the other 6 years old.

“I held on somehow because there were children with me. If I start crying, I'll scare them too. So I experienced everything in myself all the time, I said that everything would be fine. I couldn't believe it could be like this,” she said.

Her sons, she added, give her the strength to endure all this and to be strong. They have not seen their home since February 24th.

There are 14 refugees in the temporary house in Vrbovec, the youngest is only three months old.

“The primary thing for us now is to take care of people, give them accommodation, warm them, feed them, and then we will continue to solve problems and see what they need,” said Jelena Mucko, the director of the Vrbovec City Red Cross Association.

Two Ukrainian women, a cook and a sales manager, want a job. They are located with their cousins in Karlovac.

"We want to work in the profession that we know and love," they say.

They were especially touched by a song in support of the children. With songs, accommodation, transport, aid packages and hugs ... citizens in Croatia are helping in all ways.

Source: HRT

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