17:38 / 17.04.2022.

Author: Branko Lozančić

Ukrainian Ambassador and Prefect Petry spend Easter in Gospić with Ukrainian families

Ukrainian ambassador visiting refugees in Lika

Ukrainian ambassador visiting refugees in Lika

Foto: HTV / HRT

Ukrainian Ambassador Vasily Kirilich visited Lika-Senj County. After meeting with the prefect, he visited his compatriots who had found refuge in Lika from the war. 49 refugees from Ukraine are temporarily accommodated in the Gospić Hotel.

On Easter, Ukrainian Ambassador to Croatia Vasyl Kyrylych and Lika-Senj County Prefect Ernest Petry met with representatives of Ukrainian refugee services, thanked everyone and attended an Easter lunch with Ukrainian families at the Ana Hotel.

“There is a high level of acceptance of Ukrainians in Lika under all conditions and children attend school; these are not just nice words and gestures, it is a way of friendly and family reception of refugees from Ukraine due to Russian aggression,” said Ambassador Kyrylych. “The strongest word I carry to you is gratitude. I can confirm that Ukrainians in Croatia, Osijek, Lika and elsewhere have been received as their own, and we are happy about that, because in this sad moment of crying, it means a lot to get the kind of support that refugees receive from Croatia,” added the Ukrainian ambassador.

There are more than 600 Ukrainian refugees in Lika-Senj County, and almost 700 people passed through the Reception Center in Gospić, with some of them also located in Karlovac County.

The Ana Hotel in Gospić currently houses 49 Ukrainians, and 97 are in Gospić.

Prefect Petry emphasized that they are ready for further acceptance depending on the needs of the Ukrainian population, and among other things, he stated that 15 Ukrainians have found employment so far.

The Melnychenko family with four children introduced themselves to the media. Father Andrija said that they feel at home in Gospić because Croats received them surprisingly well, with a big heart.

They had a difficult and urgent situation with the health of their 11-month-old daughter, who was transported to Zagreb and operated on in the shortest possible time and is now well.

"I am forever grateful that we received this help, even for free and of high quality," he said.

His family is of the Orthodox faith, for them today is Palm Sunday, but today, he said, they rejoice in Easter bread and Easter eggs, everything Easter, they went to prayer in the Catholic Cathedral in Gospić, because, as he emphasized, "God is one.

On his own behalf and on behalf of all other Ukrainian refugees in Gospić, whether Orthodox or Greek Catholic, he said they all pray to the same God for health, peace of mind and family happiness.

Source: HRT

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