17:50 / 08.03.2022.

Author: Branko Lozančić

Two Ukrainian women with children find safe roof over their heads in Lovas

People of Lovas opened their hearts to Ukrainian refugees

People of Lovas opened their hearts to Ukrainian refugees

Foto: HTV / HRT

So far, 34 Ukrainians have found peace in Vukovar-Srijem County. In the middle of last week, three women with seven children arrived in Vukovar. Temporary accommodation was organized for them in the city on the Danube. As of yesterday, two mothers with six children have found permanent accommodation in Lovas. A Croat with a Norwegian address made his house available.

Lilija and Kristina with six children found permanent refuge and a safe roof over their heads in Lovas.

“There is chaos in the head, but now we have to think about our children the most. How to explain to them that they are in another country, how to socialize them and include them in society so that they can continue to live normally as soon as possible,” said Kristina Shtepa, a refugee from Ukraine.

“I want to find a job here and enroll the children in school. We'll manage, she'll be fine. Life must be stabilized,” added Lilia Bakhurets.

Living in uncertainty and fear for the fate of loved ones who remained to defend Ukraine, is part of their difficult daily lives.

“We are very worried about Grandma. She says that everything is fine with them and that she will come to us soon, but we don't really believe our grandmother because we know that it is very bad in Ukraine and that what she is telling us is not true,” said Sofia.

As long as their home is in Srijem – the people of Lovas will try to brighten their days.

“Who, if not the people of Lovas, will open their hearts and homes to them, and that is exactly what our people did,” said Tanja Cirba, the Mayor of Lovas.

They were provided with health care, and utility costs were assumed by the Municipality. They only need to enroll their children in school - which is urgently being worked on.

“We are a small rural school in the east of the Republic of Croatia, we have a total of 84 students and this is an advantage when you have such an extraordinary situation because some things will be easier to organize,” said Marko Brajković, the Principal of the Lovas Elementary School.

Children of Lovas are also happy to have new friends. The hand of friendship and a warm welcome are a nice start to the Srijem-Ukrainian story.

Source: HRT

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