12:59 / 27.07.2022.

Author: Branko Lozančić

The first day on the Pelješac bridge: Cars stop, people get out

Morning traffic on the Pelješac Bridge

Morning traffic on the Pelješac Bridge

Foto: HTV / HRT

The Pelješac bridge is open to traffic in both directions. The Croatian Roads Agency appeals to passengers not to stop in the stop lane. They also warned that during the morning some ran across the bridge.

Mateja Delija reported that by noon, around 4,000 vehicles had crossed the Pelješac bridge. “Many people take a ride on the bridge and come back, take photos and admire the bridge,” she said. A Croatian Television team drove this morning from the Komarna rest area to the Blaca rest area in Brijesta. They also met a nice group from a retirement home, then the ambassador of the People's Republic of China, who mingled with everyone present at the rest area.

People ran across the bridge, many turn around

“By 10:08 a.m., 2,700 vehicles had crossed the Pelješac bridge, and during the day, 8,000 to 12,000 could pass,” Slaviša Babić, the head of the Croatian Roads Traffic Department, told the Hina news agency. He added that a lot of people are just going around in circles.

“They came to see the bridge, this and next week will be busy,” Babić pointed out and added that today is a working day, so the traffic is less than on weekends, but he expects a significant increase in traffic for the weekend. He appealed for drivers to be warned not to stop in the right, stopping lane, because, he said, it is intended only for broken-down vehicles. He also warned that it should not happen that people stand on the bridge and take photos of it.

“During the morning we noticed people running across the bridge, they are probably tourists from Komarna or Brijesta. This is extremely dangerous, I warn again that the bridge is intended only for motor vehicle traffic, and only for those that can reach a speed of at least 60 kilometers per hour. Therefore, neither tractors, nor bicycles, nor any other vehicles are allowed to travel on the bridge, if they cannot reach the mentioned speed,” said the head of the Croatian Roads Traffic Department.

He appealed to drivers to respect the speed limit while driving on the bridge. He also emphasized that part of the traffic for freight vehicles is currently prohibited, but also that all freight vehicles over 7.5 tons, which have deliveries in Pelješac and Korčula, and unlike transit vehicles, can also travel on the bridge and access roads.

“As the day progresses, more and more traffic is expected on the Pelješac Bridge. Many people stop at the rest area, take photos there and from their cars. Those who celebrated last night on the bridge, went after the ceremony down to neighboring places where big local festivities were organized. Residents of Klek and Komarna were afraid of how many people would come and whether they would even be able to fit in the place,” reported Delija.

Matija Delija spoke with the mayor of the municipality of Slivno, Smiljan Mustapić, who said that Klek and Komarna managed to survive the party last night.

Klek and Komarna managed to survive the party last night

“After the historic day and the historic evening of the opening of the Pelješac Bridge, people descended on Klek, Dubok and Komarno, where they continued to celebrate until the early hours of the morning. These are small places with a certain number of guests. But now a lot of people came from Opuzen and Metković. Many people also planned an annual vacation related to the opening of the bridge, so it was overbooked, but no one was angry, however, you only witness an event like this once,” he pointed out.

He believes that the Pelješac Bridge has increased the popularity of these small towns in the municipality of Slivno.

“Through the bridge, we gained access to Dubrovnik and Pelješac, crowds would form when arriving at Komarna and Klek, until the border crossing, there used to be such crowds that you had to wait for a couple of hours. Now with this bridge, that will pass, so that our small destinations will be better places to stay,” he said.

“Real estate is being bought. In recent years, the demand for land and holiday homes in this area has intensified. Those who deal in business already recognized this much earlier,” he concluded.

As a reminder, the Pelješac Bridge was officially opened last night with the Anthem of Freedom and fireworks, and the south of the country is finally connected to the rest of Croatia after 304 years. The first to drive across the bridge last night were our famous motorist Niko Pulić on one side, and on the other - Nevera, one of the most modern cars in the world, driven by its chief engineer Matija Renić.

Source: HRT

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