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The first cruise ship of this year arrives in Dubrovnik

The first cruise ship arrives in Dubrovnik

The first cruise ship arrives in Dubrovnik

Foto: Grgo Jelavic / PIXSELL

Life seems to be returning to normal a bit. After a long break due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the first cruise ship with guests, the MSC Orchestra, sailed into the port of Gruž on Friday, and will continue arriving every Friday until the end of October. Other cruise ships will start arriving on Monday, and all guests will receive special epidemiological rules upon arrival in Dubrovnik.

The MSC Orchestra set sail from Trieste and sailed to Gruž this morning at 6.30am. It is estimated that the ship carried about 50 or 60 percent total passenger capacity.

“In addition to the testing itself, or vaccination or antigen tests at boarding, they have tests during the trip. All excursions are still in a closed destination for now, perhaps in July or August it will change,” said Blaž Pezo, the Director of the Port of Dubrovnik.

The Orchestra is not the only MSC ship to visit Dubrovnik, given that the arrival of MSC Splendide is planned for June 14.

In the previous period, the City of Dubrovnik carried out activities and was in constant contact with representatives of CLIA, the cruise industry umbrella association and in coordination with the relevant ministries, with the aim of reactivating this branch of tourism.

Earlier, Mayor Mato Franković asked the National Civil Protection Headquarters to amend the decree banning the entry of ships with more than two hundred passengers into Croatian ports, through continuous joint work, agreements were reached and conditions and protocols were defined as a precondition for the inclusion of Dubrovnik in the cruise program.

The shipping companies themselves also prescribed special protocols for their guests upon arrival at the destination, and the ships have limited capacities of about 50 percent.

Source: HRT

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