17:53 / 24.09.2022.

Author: Branko Lozančić

"The demands of young doctors are justified, but a constructive dialogue is needed"

Minister of Health Vili Beroš

Minister of Health Vili Beroš

Foto: Igor Soban / PIXSELL

Minister of Health Vili Beroš said on Saturday that most of the issues raised at today's protest by young doctors demanding urgent reforms are already in the process of being resolved, but he also assessed that health reform cannot be resolved by street protests.

"We are talking about healthcare reform and ways to solve the accumulated problems in our healthcare system with all stakeholders, from chambers and professional associations of doctors and healthcare staff to patient associations. Today we opened the door to dialogue with representatives of the Young Doctors Initiative, whose demands we support, but not the way they try to solve them with a protest," said Vili Beroš.

On Saturday, the minister received representatives of the Young Doctors Initiative, which organized a protest in front of the Ministry of Health, dissatisfied with the speed of reform changes in the Croatian health system, especially the position of young doctors at the beginning of their careers.

Beroš pointed out that the Initiative had previously announced a protest in the media in which they wanted to point out the need for a faster solution to the problem, and the Ministry informed the Initiative that a date had been prepared for a meeting on October 3, at which they would openly and with reason discuss all issues affecting not only young doctors, but also all other stakeholders of the system, from employees to patients.

Most of the issues addressed by the Initiative are already in the process of being resolved

He concluded that most of the issues raised by the Initiative in public are already in the process of being resolved, because proposals for changes to the Health Care Act and the Mandatory Health Insurance Act have been prepared, which will soon go to public discussion, when everyone, including the Initiative, will be able to present their suggestions.

“The same applies to the new Ordinance on the specialist training of doctors of medicine from June this year, which partially answers the complaints of young doctors,” he added.

The minister said that certain professional organizations and associations whose representatives were participants in the protest actively participated in all the mentioned activities, and he expects institutional constructive cooperation from them.

“Only an open discussion with concrete proposals can take us a step forward towards a more efficient health system,” said Beroš.

He added that he was glad that the Initiative of Young Doctors, who should be the leaders of the Croatian health system tomorrow, accepted the dialogue in a constructive atmosphere.

“The representatives of the Initiative pleasantly surprised me with their maturity and reasoning at the meeting, and I have faith in their active contribution,” emphasized the minister.

Earlier today, several hundred young doctors, residents and students protested in front of the Ministry of Health, where they expressed dissatisfaction with the system, its management and their status, and demanded urgent reforms, negotiations for their rights, reform of specialist training and changes in salary coefficients.

Source: HRT

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