18:12 / 03.09.2021.

Author: Domagoj Ferenčić

Supercar Owners Circle arrives in Croatia

Supercars in Zagreb

Supercars in Zagreb

Foto: Jurica Galoic / PIXSELL

The Supercar Owners Circle is a global network of car collectors that delivers supercar experiences. It was created in 2014 in Switzerland by three car buffs and entrepreneurs, Florian Lemberger, Stefan Lemberger and Niels Schäfer.

The Supercar Owners Circle, the world's most exclusive car collector's club, arrived in Croatia on Friday. Their three-day tour of the country started at the Croatian National Theatre in downtown Zagreb, where citizens were able to view these marvels of automotive engineering. The cars and their owners also participated in an acceleration competition in Velika Gorica, before travelling to the coast and the town of Opatija. Admission to all of the scheduled stops is free of charge.

In Velika Gorica Supercar Owners Circle members tested their machines against the Nevera, the world’s fastest electric car, which is produced by Croatia’s Rimac Automobili. Company founder and majority owner Mate Rimac had this to say about the arrival of the Supercar Owners Circle: "The people who are here today have the power to invest into massive projects, and it is likely that many multiples of the Croatian GDP are driving through our streets here today. As our potential clients we are presenting ourselves to them, and maybe there are some other things that will catch their eye while they're here. The only question is what we can offer them that is of interest."

The executive director of the Supercar Owners Circle, Niccolo Torri Rocca: "Thank you Croatia. This has been fantastic. It's only the beginning of the weekend, so we're very excited. It's really amazing, I have managed to organize this event in less than a month thanks to your help! That's truly fantastic. I really want to bring our crazy supercars to Croatia again and again in the coming years."

The Supercar Owners Circle was established to bring people who share a passion for automotive collectables together. Members receive services and benefits in all aspect of supercar ownership, such as Grand Prix invitations, track days and road trips. Along with Croatia, the Supercar Owners Circle hosts events all around the world, including England, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, UAE and Hong Kong. The club has some 150 international members, half of them are from Europe, and the rest from Asia, USA and Argentina. The average member owns more than 65 cars at an average price of $1.2 million each.

Source: HRT

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