17:33 / 02.08.2022.

Author: Branko Lozančić

Split maritime police fine 38 people for violations at sea

Maritime police

Maritime police

Foto: Goran Kovačić / PIXSELL

In the past week, the Split Maritime Police Station fined 38 people for violations related to navigation safety - from transshipment of passengers to lack of documents.

Violators were mostly punished for transshipment of persons, lack of proof of professional qualification, lack of documents, but also because there was no other crew member on the vessel, reported the police on Tuesday.

Members of the Split Maritime Police participated with employees of Split Customs, the State Inspectorate and the Coast Guard in three joint surveillance actions at sea.

The police announced that in the continuation of the tourist season, with the aim of prevention, they will carry out surveillance and control at sea, independently, but also in cooperation with other services.

They called on people who operate speedboats, scooters and similar jet-powered boats to comply with the regulations and rules of behavior at sea, especially the prescribed distance from the shore, in order to avoid the possibility of an accident and the death of people.

Source: HRT

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