18:29 / 12.06.2021.

Author: Branko Lozančić

Second millionth dose of vaccine used in Croatia

Minister Beroš vaccinating people in Karlovac and Zadar

Minister Beroš vaccinating people in Karlovac and Zadar

Foto: Marko Dimic/Kristina Stedul Fabac / PIXSELL

The number of newly infected with the coronavirus continues to drop - today there were 125 new cases in Croatia, which is 86 less than a week ago. Unfortunately, 9 more people have died. Vaccination continues across the country. Meanwhile, the measure on the working hours of cafes has already been relaxed and as a result from today they can work until midnight.

Citizens in Osijek could get vaccinated today and tomorrow without an appointment, and an additional seven locations have been opened where people can get vaccinated. Just a few days ago, the second millionth dose of vaccine in Croatia was used in Osijek.

The fact that the epidemiological picture is improving is also shown by the fact that in Osijek-Baranja County there are no more patients who are on respirators due to the coronavirus.

“This is information that we haven't had for nine months and it makes especially glad, and that is that since September 19th, 2020 we haven't had a number of zero patients on respirators. From today's day we have no one on respirators,” said the Head of the County Civil Protection Headquarters, Mato Lukić.

Minister of Health Vili Beroš continues to vaccinate people around Croatia. This morning he was in Karlovac.

“What surprised me is that the problem with the older population is not in rural areas, but in cities. Therefore I call on all of our citizens, who are older, but also the younger ones to think about this, on one hand we have the vaccine and on the other we have a disease that is harsh and can lead to dangerous consequences for younger people as well, therefore I think the choice is easy,” said Minister Beroš.

From Karlovac, Beroš went to Zadar, where everyone who wanted to get vaccinated was invited to the Višnjik sports centre. Fans of the Zadar basketball club, the new Croatian champions, also responded.

“I call on all fans to turnout for vaccination and to challenge their sports rivals to make the same gesture, because vaccinations are what is of exceptional importance today. By getting vaccinated we buy a ticket, not only for our fan stands, but also for this tourist season,” said Beroš.

Prime Minister Andrej Plenković also called for vaccinations on social networks.

"More than 1.4 million people received at least one dose of vaccine, and more than 700 thousand have completed vaccination. There is enough vaccine and I call upon all to get vaccinated in as big a number as possible. A minute is enough to protect life by getting vaccinated, and that is the path towards relaxing measures and a safe season," said the Prime Minister.

Cafes can be open again until midnight, but only on terraces. They are satisfied with the extension of working hours in the National Association of Caterers, but they don't like the fact that cafes are not allowed to work indoors.

It will be possible to watch matches of the European Football Championship on terraces of catering facilities, although the recommendation of the National Staff is to avoid watching the matches in bigger groups. Fans are urged to respect epidemiological measures, as well as cafe owners and cities that organize watching matches in squares, as all gatherings will be monitored.

Source: HRT

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