18:54 / 26.05.2021.

Author: Nikola Badovinac

Restrictive measures to be eased by week's end

(Photo: Marko Lukunic/PIXSELL)

(Photo: Marko Lukunic/PIXSELL)

Foto: - / Pixsell

As of Friday, coronavirus restrictions will be eased around the country until at least the middle of June. Private gatherings of more than 100 people will be allowed, while public events can last until 11 pm, the country's Covid-19 task force announced on Wednesday.

Restaurants will be allowed to serve guests indoors for the first time in about six months - but not cafes and bars, where only outdoor seating is permitted.

The country's top epidemiologist, Krunoslav Capak, justified the continued ban on indoor seating for cafes and bars by underlining the higher turnover of patrons as an increased risk for infections.

Interior Minister Davor Božinović, the head of the Civil Protection Directorate, said there would be no limit on the number of people attending funerals, but that there must be no close contact between mourners.

Wedding parties will be allowed to host up to 120 guests and can continue beyond 11 pm. Meanwhile, wedding planners must verify whether attendees have been vaccinated, tested negative, or recovered from Covid-19. Weddings also needs to be reported to authorities five days in advance.

Eight percent of the coronavirus tests conducted over the past twenty-four hours came back positive, resulting in 538 new infections - nearly half as many when compared to the same day last week. However, twenty-one virus-related deaths were also recorded over the same period.

The number of Covid-19 patients being treated in hospital - and the number of those on ventilators - also continues to drop.

The average incidence rate in the country over the past fourteen days is 191.5 per 100,000 inhabitants.

Source: HRT

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