18:01 / 24.09.2021.

Author: Branko Lozančić

Remembering victims of Greater Serbian aggression in Lovas

Remembrance for victims in Lovas

Remembrance for victims in Lovas

Foto: HTV / HRT

On the occasion of Municipality of Lovas Day, respects were paid to all victims of the Homeland War. Wreaths and lighted candles were laid at the memorial of the mass grave, which is the biggest in Croatia in terms of the number of victims, after the one in Ovčara.

68 victims were exhumed from that mass grave.

Unfortunately, this is not the final number of locals killed in the Municipality of Lovas in the Homeland War. 89 locals lost their lives, and one person is still missing.

“I was 38 years old, they drove me out of my home, put Chetniks into the house and I had to go for an interrogation every day. I was beaten, I was imprisoned. Everything happened, and you can imagine what women went through when 12 were killed,” said Nevenka Peulić from Lovas.

No one has yet been held accountable for the crimes committed in Lovas.

“We always remember them with great pride and sadness in our hearts and with a bitter taste in our mouths because we know that no one has been held accountable for this terrible crime of torture and killing and that most of the criminals escaped without punishment,” said Tanja Cirba, the head of Lovas municipality.

Source: HRT

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