17:08 / 28.07.2022.

Author: Branko Lozančić

Recommendations for savings - heating up to 21 degrees, cooling from 25 degrees

Today’s Government session

Today’s Government session

Foto: Robert Anic / PIXSELL

At today’s Government session, guidelines and recommendations for saving gas were presented, according to the plan recently adopted by the European Commission. Gas savings of 15 percent are expected from August to spring next year due to the possible interruption of supplies from Russia. The Government's guidelines for households, public institutions and industry are on a voluntary basis, and in addition, the temperature for heating and cooling rooms is recommended. The document was prepared by the Ministry of Economy in cooperation with the Hrvoje Požar Institute.

Prime Minister Andrej Plenković said that he considers it important that our citizens be sensitized on this topic in time and that "we know how to behave in accordance with the framework that this energy crisis, caused by Russian aggression against Ukraine.”

Minister of Economy Davor Filipović reported that at the meeting of energy ministers on Tuesday in Brussels, an agreement was reached that all member states should make savings in gas consumption of 15% from August 1 to the end of March 2023.

“A message of European unity was sent and a strong message that gas, which Russia often uses as a weapon against Europe, will have no effect,” emphasized Filipović.

He said that 40% of energy is consumed in buildings, so the guidelines are aimed at efficient consumption in heating, cooling, lighting, use of household appliances and traffic.

Guidelines for heating, cooling, lighting, household appliances...

“If the temperature is reduced by 1 degree, 5% of heating energy can be saved annually. The maximum heating temperature should be 21 degrees. For cooling, it is suggested that it should not be lower than 25 degrees, he said.”

For lighting, it is suggested to use more LED bulbs and rational behavior and rational use of lighting in rooms. For household appliances, it is recommended to use them during the period of lower tariff, and to disconnect all appliances from the power supply when not in use. It is recommended to use public transport as much as possible and to walk when possible. Energy renovation of buildings and houses is also advised.

The guidelines were prepared by the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development and experts from the "Hrvoje Požar" Institute.

Filipović hopes that both the private and public sectors will respect these guidelines.

“Together with all of Europe, we need to go in the direction of how to achieve savings in the coming period and how to do everything to participate and help all of Europe in the diversification of supply routes when we talk about energy sources,” he stated.

The European plan to reduce gas consumption envisages that on a voluntary basis all consumers, households, public administration, owners of public buildings, energy producers and industry take measures to reduce consumption in order to ensure supply in conditions where Russia will not guarantee a sufficient supply of gas for the European market.

In response to the difficulties and disruptions in the global energy market caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the European Commission presented the REPowerEU plan, which also emphasizes energy efficiency, clean energy production and diversification of energy supply.

After the Government session, Minister Filipović emphasized to journalists that the guidelines for saving energy were made in cooperation with experts and called on everyone to adhere to them "because small changes in behavior can achieve savings that will ultimately result in reduced emissions."

Gas storage capacity at 51 percent, by October 90 percent

“Today we are at 51% occupancy of the Okoli storage facility. The government recently ordered HEP to fill the facility, for which 400 million euros have been secured and the storage will be 90% full by October 1st. The gas is secured and the warehouse is being filled to the maximum, Croatia is safe as far as gas is concerned and we are doing everything to ensure that the security of the gas supply is not in question,” said Minister Filipović.

Instructions for industry and entrepreneurs

Speaking of instructions to entrepreneurs and industry, he said that the recommendations primarily refer to the use of renewable energy sources, photovoltaic cells and cooperation with government bodies, as well as monitoring incentives that will happen very soon, so that industry and entrepreneurs can use European money as much as possible and rely on their own energy production.

Source: HRT

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