17:27 / 20.06.2021.

Author: Branko Lozančić

Quarter of adult population vaccinated



Foto: Dusko Jaramaz / PIXSELL

In Croatia, the favorable epidemiological situation continues - the numbers of new coronavirus cases have been declining for weeks, and as of yesterday there were 58 new cases of infection. Unfortunately, 5 more people have died as a result of the disease. 

Zadar County had 15 new cases of infection in the last 24 hours and Varaždin County had 10.

Most counties have single-digit numbers, and seven counties had no new cases - Karlovac, Bjelovar-Bilogora, Virovitica-Podravina, Istria, Požega-Slavonia, Brod-Posavina and Koprivnica- Križevci counties.

The number of active cases is also decreasing and has dropped below 600 today.

There are fewer and fewer people in hospitals requiring treatment due to coronavirus infection - today there were 288 of them and 25 patients are on respirators. Due to reduced pressure on hospitals, some have already discontinued special Covid-wards and are returning to regular programs.

While the epidemiological situation is improving, vaccination continues - the Institute of Public Health has reported that vaccination has been completed for about a quarter of the adult population. According to the latest data, slightly less than 1.5 million citizens were vaccinated with one dose, and more than 900,000 have received two doses.

Vaccination of 50% of the population by the end of June has been planned, and in order to achieve this, more than 250,000 people should receive the first dose in the next ten days.

In more and more cities, vaccinations can be obtained without an appointment, but authorities warn that interest is waning. Thus, those who have not yet done so, are urged to get vaccinated, because a future decision on declaring an end to the epidemic, as well as easing of epidemiological measures and returning to normal life, will depend on the number of people vaccinated.

Source: HRT

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