19:00 / 13.12.2021.

Author: Branko Lozančić

President Zoran Milanović awards medals to participants of Croatian Spring

President Milanović awards medals to participants of Croatian Spring

President Milanović awards medals to participants of Croatian Spring

Foto: Goran Stanzl / PIXSELL

Croatian president, Zoran Milanović, awarded the Grand Order of King Dmitar Zvonimir with Sash and Morning Star, for exceptional contribution to the independence and integrity of the Republic of Croatia and to the building and progress of the Croatian state, to participants of the Croatian Spring.

Dražen Budiša, Ivan Zvonimir Čičak, Goran Dodig and posthumously Jozo Ivičević Bakulić, Ljudevit Jonke, Ante Paradžik, Hrvoje Šošić, Marko Veselica and Vladimir Veselica were awarded the high state medal.

In his speech, President Zoran Milanović addressed the recipients and their families.

“On this day 50 years ago, more than a hundred people had already been detained and arrested. On this day 50 years ago, the arrests had already begun and the repression of the state at the time took full swing. Registrars were arrested, politicians were arrested, students were arrested. Of all of them, only three are alive today. With great delay, I have to say this, because all these years there have been round anniversaries in 1991, 2001 and in 2011. Some people were rightly decorated, some were forgotten. Unfortunately, this act of mine today will not completely fix that picture. Again some have been left out. The people I decided on in the end, because I take responsibility for that, were proposed by many, in this case a small number made the proposals, but in the end the decision must be made by me. That decision stopped at this small number of good people. It is usually said that in great undertakings, in great processes of historical importance, a few good men and women take part. A lot more people were involved in this case. Once again, I have chosen you who in those moments, more or less aware, and consciousness is secondary here, but primarily full-hearted, fought for something that is right, beautiful, noble, for yourself, but not against others. Not with hatred, but with enthusiasm,” said the President.

He also said that the histories of them and their families and those who are no longer among us are different, they are not the same.

“History is like that - it rolls, sways, roars, rustles, thunders and rumbles. And in the end, when that storm and the clouds disperse, we understand from some distance what is good and what is evil. And what is simply ordinary human weakness, which was also present in those years, and human fear and the fear of those who may have been terrified. It is a constant companion of man. Quite simply, one can never get rid of it. Thank you and honor to you that were brave in those moments, that after all you forgave people who were not, to put it mildly, fair to you, and looked over it and continued to live normally. You were punished harshly, some brutally, like Marko Veselica. This is a small attempt and a small debt of honor and a sign of justice, to correct it. It will never be corrected. What happened, happened, people live on, the victims and those responsible for it, I won’t say perpetrators and executioners, I won’t go that far. The Croatian state in the end, now it will be thirty years, was created, at the same time defended, by the will, strength, enthusiasm, and courage of a small number of good people. There are always a few good people. And so today, to this small number of these good people, aware that I am omitting some other good people, I wish you all the best,” said President Milanović.

Source: HRT

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