16:44 / 25.11.2021.

Author: Branko Lozančić

President Milanović awards Anton Kikaš with the Order of Duke Domagoj with neckband

President Zoran Milanović and Anton Kikaš

President Zoran Milanović and Anton Kikaš

Foto: Sanjin Strukic / PIXSELL

Croatian President, Zoran Milanović, awarded Anton Kikaš with the Order of Duke Domagoj with neckband for his proven courage and heroism during the Homeland War.

“Everyone knows what you have done for Croatia, what they do not know is why Croatia has not repaid you with a minimal gesture for the last 30 years. I don’t believe there was evil intent, any low motives, it was just like that. You received the award you should have received a long time ago. It is a great honor for me that such things are recorded and not forgotten. In the most difficult moments for Croatia, you raised money, embarked on a daring adventure that did not end well for you at first, almost fatally, but in the end Croatia showed even then that it cares about its people. And this, 30 years later, is a small belated gesture,” said President Zoran Milanović before the presentation of the medal.

Anton Kikaš expressed thanks and said that this day was extremely important and joyful for him for several reasons.

“Today is the 30th anniversary of my release from captivity, the day I saw the light at the end of the tunnel, a dark tunnel called the Belgrade Military Prison. For the last 30 years on this day I celebrate my second birthday,” he said.

He also thanked Matica hrvatska, which proposed that he be awarded the medal.

In August 1991, Anton Kikaš tried to deliver weapons needed for defense against aggression to the Republic of Croatia by plane. The plane with the weapons was forced to land in Zagreb, where Kikaš was captured and taken to a military prison in Belgrade, where he spent three months. After three months in prison, he was exchanged for a general of the then Yugoslav people’s Army and released.

Along with the decorated Anton Kikaš, his son Robert Kikaš, sister Olga Prusac, nieces Antoanela Miloš and Nevena Letica, nephew Ninoslav Kikaš, Bishop Msgr Juraj Jezerinac, and friend Jagoda Schon were present at the award ceremony.

Accompanying President Milanović was the head of the Office of the President of the Republic Orsat Miljenić and the President's special advisor for Homeland War veterans Marijan Mareković.

Source: HRT

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