18:23 / 26.06.2021.

Author: Domagoj Ferenčić

Požega begins cleaning up damages from Friday's severe storm

Požega in ruins after Friday's severe storm

Požega in ruins after Friday's severe storm

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A severe storm hit Požega-Slavonia County last night, with golf ball sized hail damaging everything in its path, from roofs and cars, to crops and electric lines. Strong winds also uprooted trees and knocked down utility poles. Residents and emergency services are assessing the damages, which according to initial estimates will be massive.

Speaking to reporters on Saturday, Požega-Slavonia County Prefect Antonija Jozić said the situation was dire for residents of the county: "I think that this meets the conditions for declaring a natural disaster. The damage to buildings, businesses, schools and health care facilities are massive. It's difficult to specify exactly the financial damage done, but it is in the tens of millions of Kuna. In a way, what hurts the most is the damage to the agriculture sector."

"Everyone has been activated, firefighters, the electric utility, waterworks, road maintenance crews and all city and county services. But, the entire city has been ravaged and it isn't easy to clean up this damage," added Požega Mayor Željko Glavić.

Deputy Prime Minister Tomo Medved, Agriculture Minister Marija Vučković and Labour and Pension System, Family and Social Policy Minister Josip Aladrović visited the county today, where they vowed that concrete decisions on aid to region would be adopted at Government's next cabinet session.

"I am sending a clear message that the government will offer assistance in every way possible to repair the damage from this natural disaster," said Deputy Prime Minister Medved.

"As the Deputy Prime Minister said with regard to the justified requests from the mayor and the county prefect, this government and the Agriculture Ministry will provide additional aid mechanisms to farmer in short order, because they can't wait for procedural processes to play out. They have to survive and they need proof that they have not been left to their own devices," added Minister Vučković.

"Just as in previous situations this government will show its strength, just as we provided businesses and workers aid during the corona-crisis, we will make available support and financial aid to the citizens of Požega-Slavonia County," concluded Minister Aladrović.

Source: HRT

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