13:21 / 10.08.2022.

Author: Branko Lozančić

Portion of patients from Polish bus returning home

Barbara Szafranska; Iva Vukadin; Ivica Grudiček

Barbara Szafranska; Iva Vukadin; Ivica Grudiček

Foto: HTV / HRT

Although the examination and autopsy of the bodies of the dead passengers have been completed, the expert examination of the bus is still ongoing. According to the media, some passengers heard a sound like a tire bursting before hitting the metal fence, but the investigation will show whether a technical failure was the cause of the accident. Nine patients who are out of danger are still recovering in hospitals in the north of the country, and one patient from the Čakovec hospital was transported to the Zagreb airport and is returning home.

As Iva Vukadin reported for Croatian Television News, 19 people were hospitalized in Zagreb hospitals immediately after the accident, and seven of them were discharged today.

The trauma clinic housed the most injured passengers, eight of them, and five of them were released today. Two medical transport vehicles came to pick up the Polish passengers and transported them to the airport, from where they travel by plane to their country.

There are five patients in the Zagreb Hospital, and only one was discharged today. The situation is the same in the Dubrava Hospital, where one patient was also discharged, and some additional operations of patients are still taking place in that hospital today.

In Zagreb hospitals, all patients are stable, their condition is improving, but their further treatment and recovery will certainly last several weeks - both those who remained in Croatian hospitals and those who were released for home treatment in Poland.

“Depending on the development of the situation, two out of three may remain in the intensive care unit this week and when their health condition is completely stabilized, they will be transferred to the ward, then arrangements will be made for their further transfer to their home country,” said specialist in general surgery, orthopedics and traumatology at the Clinic for Traumatology, Mario Malović, MD.

The injured passengers were taken to the Varaždin General Hospital, whose director Damir Poljak said that the two most seriously injured are now stable.

As for the actual cause of the accident, various information has been circulating for the past 24 hours. The media published the testimony of the priest who was sitting in the second to last seat, who says that just before hitting the metal guardrail, he heard a sound like a tire bursting on the bus. However, we must emphasize that the expert examination of the bus is still ongoing and only after it will the exact cause of the accident be known.

Surgeon Dragan Krištofić from the Čakovec hospital told HRT that the two patients with serious injuries they treated are successfully recovering.

“One patient is traveling by plane to Poland, while the other patient remains with us for treatment until further notice. She is also stable, we plan to discharge her to home treatment by the end of the week,” he added.

Source: HRT

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