18:57 / 25.09.2021.

Author: Domagoj Ferenčić

Police arrest Austrian national for triple murder in Zagreb

Police at Mlinovi crime scene

Police at Mlinovi crime scene

Foto: Marko Prpic / PIXSELL

Croatia was shaken by a grizzly triple murder in Zagreb's Mlinovi neighborhood on Sunday. An Austrian national killed his three children and then tried to commit suicide.

At around 2AM this morning, police entered an apartment where they found a 56-year-old Austrian citizen, Harald K., who had tried to commit suicide and the lifeless bodies of his three children from his marriage to his ex-wife.

The suspect is being charged with three counts of aggravated murder. Nikolina Grubišić Požar from the Zagreb Police Department: "When emergency health workers arrived on the scene the confirmed that the three children were dead and that they had met a violent end. The suspect has been given medical attention and has been hospitalized. I can also tell you that the police had never been called on for any domestic issues in this family in the past."

The suspect has been hospitalized at the Sisters of Charity Hospital in Zagreb, hospital superintendent Dr. Davor Vagić: "The patient is in stable condition and his life is not in danger. That's what we can say about his health. We are conducting absolutely every available test, because there are suspicions that he was under the influence of psycho-pharmaceutical drugs. But right now we can’t say anything decisively."

Source: HRT

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