21:50 / 30.01.2023.

Author: Katja Miličić

Police appeal to public for information in case of dead newborn

Police cars at the crime scene

Police cars at the crime scene

Foto: Igor Soban / PIXSELL

The lifeless body of a newborn was discovered on Sunday in the village of Hlevnica in Northern Croatia. 

Police have confirmed the body was found outdoors but gave no further details. It is unclear if the child was stillborn or if this is a case of infanticide. Police are searching for the infant's parents, whose identity is unknown. An autopsy has been ordered.

"We urge the public, if they have any information related to this case, to contact us, to dial 192, or to go to their nearest police station,” Marijana Mužar of the Krapina-Zagorje Police Department said in an appeal for clues.

Local residents said they were shocked. Hlevnica, in Đurmanec Municipality, is a small community, where everyone knows each other. Residents told reporters that they were not aware of any pregnancies in the community.

The village is very close to the Slovenian border so there is a chance this investigation could spread beyond Croatia's borders.

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