17:07 / 11.09.2021.

Author: Domagoj Ferenčić

PM Plenković says coronavirus measures will not be ramped up

Prime Minister ANdrej Plenković

Prime Minister ANdrej Plenković

Foto: Zeljko Hladika / PIXSELL

According to the National Civil Protection Directorate 1 162 new positive coronavirus test results were registered over the past 24 hours. With 10 651 tests conducted in that period, that puts Croatia's 24 hour test positivity rate at just under 11%.

Fourteen coronavirus-related deaths were reported. Currently there are 6 143 active positive test results in the country, of which 559 are receiving treatment in hospital. 55 patients are on ventilators. 696 people have been given a clean bill of health in the past 24 hours. Currently there are 12 937 people in self-isolation.

Since the beginning of the outbreak in Croatia, on February 25th of last year, a total of 383 108 positive test results have been registered, of which 368 538 have since been given a clean bill of health. 8 427 coronavirus-related deaths have been reported. A total of 2 649 120 tests have been conducted. This puts Croatia's overall test positivity rate at just under 14.5%. The country's coronavirus mortality rate at stands at just under 2.2%. When taken as a percentage of the total population this is roughly 0.2%.

As of yesterday, Croatian health care workers have administered 3 326 927 dose of the coronavirus vaccine. 43.31% of the total population has received at least one dose of the vaccine, or 52% of the adult population. 48.8%of the adult population has received both doses. 5 944 doses of the vaccine were administered yesterday alone.

Meanwhile, the head of the National Civil Protection Directorate, Deputy Prime Minister Davor Božinović, said that additional restrictive measures are not currently being considered, since the recent increase in new cases was expected given the tourist season. He did however, once again call on all citizens to get vaccinated: “When you look at the experience from around the world, especially in those countries that started vaccinating first, it is clear that vaccination is the only way out of this situation. And we will continue to insist on this in the future. As the number of people vaccinated grows, the reservoir for the spread of the virus will diminish.”

When asked to comment on the possibility of introducing mandatory COVID-certificates for some sectors, Božinović said that everyone will be allowed to go to work, adding that COVID-certificates have already been tied to certain workplaces, because they indicate that someone has been vaccinated, has recovered from the virus or has a negative test: “In some of our earlier measures we already had mandatory masks and testing for some institutions, so mandatory certificates could, perhaps be introduced, again, this wouldn't apply to those who have been vaccinated or have recovered from the virus. But, this is something we're intensively discussing.”

Some media took this statement from Božinović to mean that mandatory vaccination will be introduced. This assessment was rejected Prime Minister Andrej Plenković: “What he said is what we agreed to at Friday's meeting of the directorate, which is that we will pursue a model that deals with health care and social workers. This, given the fact as of today we have reached a 52% vaccination rate among the adult population. This is good, and I congratulate everyone who has been vaccinated, but this is still less than many other countries. But, I have faith in the wisdom of our people and their understanding of the need to protect themselves and others, and I am convinced that the remaining 48% will slowly come around. We cannot introduce mandatory vaccination when we've been saying the whole time that we won't do that. We've been saying the entire time that we believe in the people, in their clarity of thought and their level of awareness. I do not believe that there is anyone in Croatia who does not know that COVID has been with us these past 18 months, and that more than eight thousand people in Croatia have died from COVID, and more than four million globally, that we spent 35 billion Kuna in job preservation measures. 700 thousand people in the private sector received their salaries from the state.”

Plenković concluded however, that the restrictive measures will not be scaled up.

Source: HRT

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