17:38 / 17.11.2021.

Author: Domagoj Ferenčić

Plenković says people who publicly oppose COVID-certificates will be fined

Protesters at St. Mark's Square

Protesters at St. Mark's Square

Foto: Marin Tironi / PIXSELL

A protest against the COVID-certificates has been announced for this Saturday the 20th of November. Protesters will start from two separate locations in Zagreb, and then converge on the central Ban Josip Jelačić Square. The procession is scheduled to start at 3PM CET.

Prime Minister Andrej Plenković announced that citizens who publicly oppose the broad application of the COVID-certificates, which as of yesterday are mandatory for entry into any public institution, will face repercussions. He tasked Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Davor Božinović, Administration Minister Ivan Malenica and Health Minister Vili Beroš with drafting the necessary legislative changes: “To introduce fines for people who ignore and mock the decisions adopted by the National Civil Protection Directorate. Decisions adopted on the basis of the law with the goal of protecting the health of our citizens.”

The opposition MOST Party has announced the gathering of signatures to force a referendum against mandatory COVID-certificates. Marija Selak Raspudić, an independent MP who is part of the MOST bench in parliament, said today that the prime minister has just admitted to what MOST and other opposition MPs have been warning about: “Everything that is happening right now is against the law or circumvents the law. The prime minister himself is starting to see that.”

MOST has announced that more than 35 thousand citizens have contacted them to volunteer in the petition drive.

Source: HRT

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