14:03 / 07.04.2022.

Author: Branko Lozančić

Parliament: Unanimous support for regulating rights of Ukrainian refugees

Archive Photo

Archive Photo

Foto: Igor Soban / PIXSELL

Before the formal debate on Thursday, members of parliament unanimously supported legal changes that will enable refugees from war-torn Ukraine to exercise their right to health care and rights from the social welfare system in Croatia.

These are amendments to the Compulsory Health Insurance and Health Protection of Foreigners Act and the Social Welfare Act.

“There are already more than 10,000 Ukrainian refugees in Croatia who fled Russian aggression and we have shown solidarity with them in various ways, but it is clear that the war will not end soon and therefore their status needs to be legally regulated,” said Domagoj Hajduković (Club of Social Democrats).

Anka Mrak Taritaš (Center and GLAS Club) agreed with him, saying that it was clear that the war would not last short because "human lives mean nothing to the little small dictator who invaded from the east."

“We must have special empathy with these people and enable them to live as decent a life as possible,” she pointed out.

“In addition to one-time financial assistance and accommodation, refugees will also be provided with the right to a guaranteed minimum compensation,” said Martina Vlašić Iljkić (Social Democratic Party Club).

Urša Raukar Gamulin (Green-Left Bloc Club) also praised the Government's willingness to help Ukrainian refugees.

“Friends can be recognized when you’re in trouble, and Croatia has reacted well in terms of receiving and accommodating refugees, and these laws are in that direction,” said Marijan Pavliček (Croatian Sovereignists Club).

He said that Croatia should not limit itself to the number of 20,000 refugees, but, if necessary, receive a larger number. “Croatia has the financial and housing capacities for that,” said Pavliček.

“I believe that the laws will be passed unanimously,” concluded Nada Murganić (HDZ Club).

Source: HRT

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