18:49 / 01.02.2022.

Author: Domagoj Ferenčić

Parents protest against mandated school testing of children for COVID-19

Protest in Zagreb

Protest in Zagreb

Foto: Marin Tironi / PIXSELL

Protests were held in front of the offices of the Croatian Institute for Public Health throughout the country on Tuesday. Parents voiced their opposition to a recently announced plan to introduce regular coronavirus testing for their children in school.

In Zagreb, hundreds of parents chanting "enough is enough," gathered in front of the headquarters of the Croatian Institute for Public Health. The protesters called on the National Civil Protection Directorate to stop terrorizing their children.

“Enough of this psychological terror on our children. I will not allow this medical procedure to be conducted on healthy children. Our children are not an experiment, and we will not hand them over for vaccination,” said one protester.

Among their demands is that mask mandates be withdrawn, citing numerous peer reviewed studies that show they provide little if any protection. They are also calling for an end to COVID-certificates, which they feel as unnecessary and dangerous to the normal functioning of a society, and an end to the testing of health people, noting that this is an unconscionable waste of public funds.

Meanwhile, the Zagreb County State Attorney's Office has expanded its investigation against one of the leaders of the massive protest against COVID-certificates, held in Zagreb some two months ago. Marko Francisković, who has been pre-trial detention since then, is being charged with publicly inciting terrorism with the help of his wife. His wife has been restricted any access to the internet and must report to the police on a regular basis.

Source: HRT

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