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Operation Storm, the action of all actions

A fifth of Croatia was liberated in operation Storm

A fifth of Croatia was liberated in operation Storm

Foto: HTV / HRT

Operation Storm was a lightning-fast, carefully prepared operation that led to the final collapse of the Serbian rebels. In just a few days, more than 10,000 square kilometers of northern Dalmatia, Lika, Banovina and Kordun were liberated. About 200,000 defenders participated in the operation. During the action, 242 defenders were killed, two went missing, and 1,100 were wounded.

The Croatian Army attacked from several directions along the 630-kilometer long front. On most of the vectors of the main attacks, the Serbian lines of defense quickly burst, so already on the second day of operations, the Pumas from Varaždin and the Spiders from Dalmatia entered Knin victoriously. The army continued its attacks while the state leadership arrived in the ancient royal city.

The Croatian Army and police achieved victories in all directions. Obrovac and Gračac were liberated. There was joy in Banovina and joy in Kordun. Slunj was also liberated. The Serbian rebels put up the fiercest resistance near Petrinja, but they had no chance against the Thunder Brigade. The Tigers Brigade broke out in a flash on the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina and thus saved besieged Bihać from suffering the same genocide as Srebrenica.

Despite calls to remain, columns of Serbian refugees leave their homes.

General Gotovina was enraged by incidents.

“The operation was performed properly, according to plan. At the highest level in the military sense. And after the action, after the battle - chaos. Totally spoiled children, relaxed, without any responsibility,” said Ante Gotovina.

A little further north, the entire 21st Army Corps of the so called “Krajina” surrendered to Croatian forces. Serbian commander Čedo Bulat congratulated General Petar Stipetić on his victory and handed over his weapons.

This act officially ended Operation Storm. 200,000 defenders participated in the magnificent operation, 242 of them gave their lives for freedom.

Source HRT

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