18:52 / 23.07.2021.

Author: Branko Lozančić

New epidemiological measures in coastal counties

The fight against the coronavirus

The fight against the coronavirus

Foto: Regional News / HRT

In Croatia there were 176 new cases of coronavirus today. 128 patients are being treated in hospitals, of which 17 are on respirators. There were no new deaths today. As announced, stricter measures will come into force on Monday for four Dalmatian counties, but also Primorje-Gorski Kotar, Istria and part of Lika-Senj County.

There are 48 new cases in Split-Dalmatia County and 40 in Zadar County. “Compared to last week, we have an increase in the number of infected by 35%,” said the director of the Croatian Institute of Public Health, Krunoslav Capak.

“Last week in the first five days, we had a total of 523 newly infected people and in the first five days of this week, we have 710 newly infected, which is 35% more than last week,” said Capak.

Due to the deteriorating epidemiological situation on the Adriatic, stricter measures will be in place as of Monday.

“There is a ban on holding all public events and gatherings where there are more than 50 people present in one place, unless it is a public event or gathering where only people with an EU digital Covid certificate are taking part, and no more than one thousand people will take part,” said the head of the National Civil Protection Headquarters Davor Božinović.

At private gatherings and weddings, there can be a maximum of 15 people, until now it was 30. More than that will only be possible with Covid certificates, which will also be needed for sporting events.

Criminal charges were filed against four fans because of forged Covid certificates with which they tried to enter the Poljud stadium for last night's Hajduk match. Minister of Health Vili Beroš called on citizens to behave responsibly.

“Adjusting measures is also a step towards suppression of the epidemic. Therefore, we are doing our job and continue to deliberate, however the ball is now in the citizens' court,” said Beroš.

Meanwhile there has been speculation that a third dose of vaccine will be needed.

“It is very likely that there will be a third dose, perhaps a little earlier than the general population for those that are immuno-compromised or take medicines that effect immunity,” said Krunoslav Capak.

Alemka Markotić, on the other hand, said that the majority of patients in Europe are infected with the delta variant of the virus.

“We have a Delta summer, meaning the Delta variant is taking over. According to available data now it is present in around 70% of those infected in Europe,” said Markotić.

Prime Minister Andrej Plenković once again emphasized the importance of vaccination for the epidemiological picture and a successful tourist season.

“Comparatively, for the Mediterranean we are in a fairly good situation. We have the mutual responsibility to keep it this way and at least as far as revenues are concerned, we see fiscal data showing that they are almost at the level of 2019 which is brilliant, tourism should be maintained even better, because the tourist season is important for the financial stability of Croatia in the long term,” said the Prime Minister.

Source: HRT

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