12:30 / 12.05.2022.

Author: Branko Lozančić

National parks finally within well-defined boundaries

The Kopački rit Nature Park

The Kopački rit Nature Park

Foto: Marko Mrkonjic / PIXSELL

With 37 million kuna, provided mostly by the European Cohesion Fund, Croatia has finally decided to measure and draw the exact boundaries of national parks, nature parks and strict reserves. The two-year project ends at the end of this year, and the results are being presented to citizens. The last presentation of a series was held in Kopački rit.

In a few months, the largest protected wetland in Europe will have well-defined boundaries, registered in the cadaster and harmonized with the land registry. In order to obtain a clear picture of the boundaries, professional services will first go out into the field.

“This is being done by professional geodetic teams, companies as contractors, and then the legal regime will make a list of plots and submit them to the cadaster. The cadaster implements these legal regimes as such,” said project manager Mladen Pandža from the State Geodetic Administration.

The Kopački rit Nature Park is one of 18 protected natural areas in Croatia covered by this project.

The Nature Protection Act clearly stipulates that citizens must have an accurate insight into whether their plot is within a protected area. The rules for building and disposing of private land also depend on this. Clean land papers also make it easier for institutions that care for nature.

“Whether or not this new regulation will give us more space to protect or less will be established through measurement, but certainly - we will have a clear picture of what is finally on the cadastral land plan protected by the Kopački rit Nature Park Public Institution,” said director Ivo Bašić.

Clear boundaries of protected areas should make life easier for the local population, but also enable even better protection of natural wealth.

Source: HRT

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