18:02 / 12.11.2020.

Author: Branko Lozančić

More than 3,000 infected in last 24 hours

A tent prepared to receive coronavirus patients (Photo: Boris Scitar/Vecernji list/PIXSELL)

A tent prepared to receive coronavirus patients (Photo: Boris Scitar/Vecernji list/PIXSELL)

Foto: - / Pixsell

Today Croatia saw the highest number of new infections with the coronavirus since the beginning of the epidemic with 3,082 new cases of infection and unfortunately, 32 people have died. Croatia also had the highest number of people tested in one day since the beginning of the outbreak with more than 10,000.

Currently, 16,348 people are infected. There are still more and more people who need hospital treatment - now there are almost 1,600 of them, and there 178 patients on respirators.

"We are in the most difficult moment of the epidemic and it is important to respect epidemiological measures," said Prime Minister Andrej Plenković from today's Government cabinet session:

“I think that each of our citizens, through increasing measures and self-discipline, can contribute to reducing infection. Here I appeal to all to help themselves and others,” said Plenković.

Despite the worrying numbers of patients, the Prime Minister singled out an encouraging downward trend in the growth of newly infected.

“In the last seven days, in relation to the week before, we only have 5.5°% more infected people. That is important and that is what we spoke about when saying that these measures will lead to reducing the rate of growth, meaning slowing infection, and that is why we are talking about stagnation. Despite this, we must continue to be extremely cautious, especially because of the number of people in the hospital and because of the number of patients that are in intensive care or on a respirator;” said the Prime Minister.

There were 705 newly infected people in Zagreb and two people have died confirmed the director of the Teaching Institute for Public Health, Zvonimir Šostar.

“Yesterday we had more than 35°% positive results in relation to the number of people tested. We can be everything but satisfied with this, and it calls for caution,” said Šostar.

In the Split-Dalmatia County today, out of 1,258 analyzed samples, 374 new cases of coronavirus were confirmed. Most of the newly infected are in Split – 92. Brod-Posavina County saw the highest number in one day with 113. There are 186 newly infected people in the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County. In the Rijeka hospital, three people have died, 81 people are being treated, and 8 patients are on respirators. In Istra County, the COVID-19 infection was confirmed in 71 people, and 35 patients were hospitalized, while of the 415 people tested in Osijek-Baranja County, 200 were positive for coronavirus.

Until a vaccine is acquired, professionals repeat that the only effective measures in the fight against coronavirus are already known: physical distancing, wearing a protective mask, washing hands, and especially now that we spend more time indoors, airing out rooms.

Source: HRT

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