21:44 / 17.08.2021.


Latest quake in Petrinja causes only minor damage

Petrinja Mayor Magdalena Komes

Petrinja Mayor Magdalena Komes

Foto: Regionalni dnevnik / HRT

The moderate earthquake struck the Banovina Region just before 2 am on Sunday only caused minor damage to structures already scarred from the 6.2 magnitude earthquake on January 29, 2020. 

This quake measured 4.2 in magnitude and was followed by another 30 minutes later, measuring 2.8. The epicenter was near Petrinja and it was felt as far away as Zagreb. The quake did not cause any injuries.

"The town is in equally bad shape as before and it is a real miracle that there was not more damage and luckily, there were no human casualties,” said Magdalena Komes, the mayor of Petrinja.

The only disruption caused by the quake was a stop in rail traffic early Sunday morning, as the authorities checked the tracks for damage.

"The earthquake last night did not cause any additional damage. As a precaution, we did close the train tracks from Sunja to Velika Gorica from 2 am to 5 am to check for damage. Everything was ok," said Mladen Pavić, the spokesperson for the Earthquake Relief Task Force.

There have been several thousand aftershocks after the January 29 earthquake in Petrinja. Seismologists say this is to be expected and could last for two years.

"All of the earthquakes that are happening in this region are all linked to the big earthquake that occurred on December 29 of last year. This series of aftershocks will probably continue for a year, maybe two. During this time, there will be more earthquakes that will be felt locally but they will become frequent with time,” said seismologist Snježan Prevolnik.

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