12:21 / 04.08.2022.

Author: Branko Lozančić

Knin ready for tomorrow's celebration

Preparations in Knin for tomorrow’s celebration

Preparations in Knin for tomorrow’s celebration

Foto: Matija Matko Švarc / HRT

The Day of Victory, Homeland Thanksgiving, and the Day of Croatian Veterans will be traditionally celebrated tomorrow in Knin. In the center of the city, a dress rehearsal for tomorrow's rich program was held today. HRT journalist Ivona Ramadža Čolić reported from the Knin fortress, saying that the organizers said that Knin is ready for tomorrow's celebration.

Several thousand people will celebrate the 27th anniversary of the military police operation Storm this year in Knin. The official part of the celebration begins tomorrow at 9 a.m. at the "Storm 95" monument to Croatian victory on Dr. Ante Starčević Square, with the laying of wreaths for all those who gave their lives for Croatian freedom. After that, they will move to the FC Dinara stadium, from where the ceremony of raising the Croatian tricolor on the Knin fortress will be followed on a video wall.

The flag will be raised by family members of fallen veterans, war veterans, representatives of the military and the police. And with the raising of the flag, the names of 242 martyred and two missing defenders from operation Storm will be read.

At exactly 9:43 a.m., the time when the liberators entered Knin, the bells of Knin churches will ring. The President, Prime Minister and Parliament Speaker are also arriving in Knin, they will address the gathering, accompanied by retired lieutenant general Mladen Markač.

The morning program will end with a flight performance of the acrobatic group "Wings of Storm" and a helicopter flyover, as well as holy mass.

Already today, everything that a Croatian soldier has at his disposal, from helmets to personal and heavy weapons, are on display as they will be tomorrow.

Every detail of the ceremony will be followed by the cameras of Croatian Radio Television, and of course the entire nation can watch on their screens at home on channel 1.

Tonight, traditionally, a reception for the generals was organized at the Knin Fortress. Again this year Knin says - heroism, winning spirit and togetherness, that's "Storm".

“We are expecting a flyover of 21 MIGs, as well as helicopters. So this year we will have the opportunity to see Black Hawk helicopters here for the first time, along with the Kiowa, which we had the opportunity to see in previous years. And at the end of the ceremony – there will be a performance by the acrobatic flying group “Wings of Storm,” said the commander of the Croatian Army, Lieutenant General Boris Šerić.

Source: HRT

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