17:27 / 21.03.2022.

Author: Domagoj Ferenčić

INA opens new natural gas well on the Northern Adriatic

INA platform

INA platform

Foto: Marin Tironi / PIXSELL

With natural gas prices at an all-time high, Croatia has managed to increase its production with the INA oil and gas company initiating production of natural gas from a new well in the Ika gas field in the Northern Adriatic.

The new well is expected to produce 55 million cubic meters of gas per year, which represents seven percent of INA total annual production. Economy and Sustainable Development Minister Tomislav Ćorić announced today that over the next two years Croatia will be increasing its exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons: “This will give us growth of about thirty percent when compared to the existing amount, and will greatly contribute to Croatia's energy self-sufficiency. The amounts we will be producing will push us towards forty percent of our total needs.”

A second new well, called Marica, is scheduled to be brought on-line at the beginning of next month. Marica is expected to produce 40 thousand cubic meters of natural gas per day.

Meanwhile, following weeks of sky-rocketing fuel prices, it appears as though drivers will finally get some good news on Tuesday, when fuel prices are expected to drop significantly: “Government measures, such as the reduction in excise taxes, limits on profits and the rescinding of green-levees, together with price action on the Mediterranean market, have resulted in fuel prices going down significantly tomorrow. We expect diesel to be slightly more than twelve Kuna, and gasoline to be slightly less than twelve Kuna,” Minister Ćorić concluded.

Source: HRT

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