18:32 / 22.03.2022.

Author: Branko Lozančić

HR Rating on the war in Ukraine: Citizens strongly support the sanctions imposed on Russia

HR Rating on sanctions against Russia

HR Rating on sanctions against Russia

Foto: Dnevnik / HRT

The war in Ukraine and its consequences were the main topics of tonight's HR Rating. The survey was conducted from March 15 to 18 on a sample of 1,400 respondents. The largest sample error is +/- 2.62 percent and the survey reliability 95 percent.

Although they could lose their jobs due to sanctions, and pay dearly for heating, food and even more expensive fuel - Croatian citizens are convinced that Russia deserves some kind of punishment. Almost 80% of them, fully (59.6%) or mostly (19.6%), support the imposed sanctions, while on the opposite side, which is against punishing Russia, there are less than 12% (11.6%). Those who do not know what to make of the issues number 9 percent (9.2%).

Would Croatian citizens support the introduction of restrictions on the purchase of certain products?

Most Croatian citizens would agree that, for example, like the Spaniards, they can only buy three liters of sunflower oil, or that reductions of gas and electricity be introduced, as in Italy. More than 58% said they would certainly or likely support restrictions on products at risk of shortages. Less than 30% would probably or completely be against it. About 13% of respondents did not have a position on the introduction of restrictions. Approximately the same number does not have an opinion trade of Croatian grains.

Almost half of the respondents would ban exports

Opposite to them are almost 47% of those who want us to immediately follow Hungary and try to ban exports. Nearly 16% would ban exports only if it turns out that the war in Ukraine will not end so soon. Almost a quarter of respondents said absolutely no to a ban on Croatian grain exports, either because it contradicts European regulations or is contrary to the laws of the market, or they consider the ban to be something that would create a war psychosis.

Source: HRT

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