20:53 / 16.01.2022.


Hostage crisis in Zagreb ends peacefully with arrest of suspect

Hostage crisis ends peacefully, (Illustration)

Hostage crisis ends peacefully, (Illustration)

Foto: Ilustracija / Shutterstock

Police in Zagreb have released more details about the hostage crisis in the city's Dugave neighborhood on Saturday evening. 

The stand-off between the suspect and police lasted four hours. The suspect, a 43-year-old man had taken his ex-wife and two of their children hostage. A police hostage negotiator helped a tactical team resolve the situation peacefully.

"Given the specifics of the event and to ensure the safety of the people inside the apartment and the public, a police tactical team approached the scene with a negotiator who made contact and spoke with the 43-year-old. The man opened the apartment door at about 8 p.m. and was taken by force to the police station for an ongoing criminal investigation. No one was injured during the incident," the Zagreb Police Department said in a statement. 

A police anti-terrorist unit, ambulances and fire fighters were called to the scene of the incident in Čalogovićeva Street. The neighborhood was under a police blockade for nearly four hours. 

Media outlets have reported that the suspect has a history of family violence and has served time in prison for domestic abuse. The website Portal Zagreb reported that the suspect was threatening to blow up a natural gas cylinder.

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