15:54 / 23.09.2019.

Author: Branko Lozančić

Hospital directors meet with Minister of Health Kujundžić

Minister of Health Milan Kujundžić (Photo: HRT)

Minister of Health Milan Kujundžić (Photo: HRT)

Foto: - / HRT

A regular meeting was held at the Ministry of Health today between hospital directors and the Minister.

One of the topics discussed was forced payments against the accounts of hospitals due to a failure to pay suppliers for drugs. Due to stricter limits and an increase in salaries for hospital workers they will not be able to resolve the debt problem on their own.

“What has been a current topic in the media these days, forced payments in the Knin hospital and other hospitals, Dubrovnik, Vinkovci and Virovitica, is something that we need to resolve in the short term. Firstly at the county level because they are responsible as the founders of the hospitals and naturally the Health Insurance Bureau or the government will assist. We will analyse models these days and there will not be problems in the supply of drugs to the mentioned hospitals,” said Minister of Health Milan Kujundžić.

Source: HRT

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