19:20 / 19.07.2021.

Author: Katja Miličić

Heavy rains cause more flooding in Croatia’s east



Foto: Mario Filipović / HRT

The severe weather that swept through much of the country this weekend made the most impact in Slavonia, where heavy rain caused serious damage, especially for farmers.

After Saturday and Sunday's storms, more heavy rain came down in the eastern parts of the country, hitting the Našice area particularly hard. Farmland is under water. The neighborhood of Šipvac and the Našice army barracks were left without electricity.

In Osijek on Sunday, heavy rain flooded roads and cellars while gusty winds tore the roof off of one building, and knocked down a tree. The 112 emergency service received more than 700 calls. Parts of the city were without power. One elementary school was flooded.

"We came in at 7 in the morning, the day after the storm and it was quite a sight. The basement was completely flooded. We turned on our small water pump right away and called the fire department,” said Jadranka Juriša, the principal at Franjo Krežma Elementary School.

"We had more than 50 interventions during the 15-20 minutes of the heaviest rain. We received between 150 and 200 calls from residents asking for emergency assistance," said Goran Ivković, the Osijek deputy fire chief.

An orange weather alert remains in effect for eastern Croatia.

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