16:49 / 11.08.2022.

Author: Branko Lozančić

Head of ATC administration: I am responsible, but not guilty; three workers quit

News conference on Canadair overhauls

News conference on Canadair overhauls

Foto: Dino Stanin/HTV / PIXSELL/HRT

After two employees of the Aviation Technical Center (ATC), a state-owned company that services firefighting aircraft, quit their jobs, information appeared in the media that another employee quit. This was confirmed at today's press conference at the ATC. The company was called out because of a delay in servicing aircraft.

The center promised that in the next week, it will deliver one Canadair plane and one air tractor to the Ministry of Defense, but it is known that two mechanics, who were on sick leave, but were working illegally in Austria at the time, quit their jobs.

There are currently six firefighting aircraft available in Croatia, and it was announced that there will be 10 of them by August 15.

ATC's leaders, head of administration Zdravko Klanac and director of the service sector Romano Babić, spoke at a press conference.

“Two workers who were on long-term sick leave ended their sick leave about five or six days ago, came back and asked for vacation and days off. I didn't allow it. After that, they submitted a request for mutual termination of the employment relationship. We sent a request to the Croatian Health Insurance Bureau to look into the case of those two workers. I didn't talk to them. I spoke with one a few months ago about his status, we were considering him for a higher position and that was the last conversation,” said the head of ATC management Zdravko Klanac.

It was then confirmed that a third worker had requested a mutual termination of the employment relationship.

“I had an interview with this third worker, he is a younger worker who has only been here for a year, a car body worker whom we wanted to turn into an aircraft body worker, he was on his way, I am sorry that he is leaving, but we cannot offer him what he got where he's going. He is not leaving the country, he will work in the neighborhood and have a much higher salary,” added Klanac.

Departure of workers will not jeopardize functioning

“We have a stable core of mechanics with certificates here, and the departure of these two will not jeopardize functioning, that is, work on the aircraft. The two of them worked barely 30 days this year,” noted Klanac.

He also commented on the fact that while the workers were on sick leave, they worked illegally in Austria.

“I only learned from the media that one of them was out of the country and that his photo appeared. When it comes to sick leave, I can't even ask what diagnosis he has. The only thing I can do is send a request to the Health Insurance Bureau, and that's what I did,” he added.

Speaking about salaries, he said that the average salary is around HRK 5,800 for regular work, and that beginners get around HRK 4,000.

Canadair hit by a seagull operational by Saturday?

The last case of damage to a Canadair, when seagulls crashed into it, will be solved.

“The paneling was removed, the damage is a little bigger, one rib. The estimated time by when this could be resolved is this Saturday.

Klanac was asked if he will retire.

“I already said, I am responsible, but I am not guilty. Obviously, ATC has become the biggest problem in the country. Well, it's not our fault that a seagull hit a plane,” he said.

“We cannot make a case out of one or two things. This is quite an interesting job, but very few people know about it. We are responsible for some things, but for others we are not,” added ATC service director Roman Babić.

Source: HRT

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