17:35 / 26.02.2023.

Author: Branko Lozančić

Greetings on the occasion of Doctor's Day

Doctor's Day

Doctor's Day

Foto: Zeljko Lukunic / PIXSELL

On the occasion of Croatian Doctors' Day, which is marked on February 26 as a memorial to the founding of the Croatian Medical Association in 1874 to care for doctors, the health of the people and the health care system, Minister Vili Beroš addressed the doctors:

Today, when we celebrate Croatian Doctor's Day, I especially want to emphasize the irreplaceable role of doctors for the functioning of our health system and for the protection of the health of citizens and the entire nation.

This important role was particularly evident during the two challenging pandemic years, when with your humanity, sacrifice and expertise, you, together with all healthcare professionals, contributed to the successful overcoming of exceptional challenges.

We can and must find solutions and answers to many open questions of our health care together, in harmony with wishes, expectations, needs and possibilities. I believe that we are on the right path and I would be glad if more of you share my optimism, that together we can contribute to betterment and help make many things better, both for patients and for healthcare workers. I have no illusions that there will continue to be many questions to which we do not now have complete or satisfactory answers, but I have faith that the contribution of each of us in his workplace can make a shift for the better.

The excellent results that we witness every day, which are not even a little behind much more powerful systems, are only possible with a lot of investment in knowledge and organization of work, and a lot of sacrifice and courage from each of us.

Dear colleagues, many of you will spend today with your families, but some at their workplaces, thank you for that.

I greet all my fellow doctors on the occasion of Croatian Doctor's Day. I wish you many more successes and achievements in your personal and professional life, said Minister Vili Beroš.

Greetings from the Croatian Medical Association on Doctors' Day

“Since 1874, the Croatian Medical Association has been carrying the historical memory of numerous social and health challenges such as wars, natural disasters and epidemics, and daily takes care of the improvement of the social and economic position of doctors, as well as the improvement of the health condition of the population and the protection of the human environment,” emphasized the president of the Croatian Medical Association Željko Krznarić.

The Croatian Medical Association promotes the health culture of the population by organizing lectures, forums, printing popular publications and other forms and means of public information.

“The activity of the association did not stop even during the years of changes in state formations and political and economic systems. On this path, the Croatian Medical Association tries to be a grain of wisdom, a promoter of the profession and an advocate for our patients,” said Krznarić.

“Rarely have doctors needed harmony and togetherness like today,” emphasized Krznarić, adding that different opinions, ideas and activities should not be a reason for division, “but should talk to each other, exchange opinions and attitudes.”

The doors of the Croatian Medical Association are open to all doctors, and the Croatian Medical Center is available to all colleagues, he said.

As a celebration of the anniversary of the foundation of the Croatian Medical Association and the crown of all activities, the humanitarian Doctors' Ball was regularly held on the last Saturday in February, which after 2020 will be held for the first time in 2024 as a celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Croatian Medical Association.

Source: HRT

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