16:47 / 01.07.2021.

Author: Domagoj Ferenčić

Government agrees to aid for Požega-Slavonia County

Prime Minister Andrej Plenković at Thursday's cabinet session

Prime Minister Andrej Plenković at Thursday's cabinet session

Foto: Davorin Visnjic / PIXSELL

At Thursday's cabinet session, government announced that it will give Požega-Slavonia County more than 58 million Kunas in budgetary reserves to help in recovering from the recent severe hailstorm that ravaged the county. A state of natural disaster has been declared in the county, as buildings, electrical and other infrastructure and crops were severely damaged in the storm.

Speaking at today's cabinet session Prime Minister Andrej Plenković said that in line with government's policy of preserving jobs throughout the crisis caused by the coronavirus lockdowns, it is now time to switch to the phase of creating jobs: “This means that as of July we are ending our horizontal approach to the job preservation measures, and are transitioning to an adjusted approach based on the needs of individual sectors in the future. This means that we will react in a timely manner in sectors where there is a need to do so, and this will be done in agreement with employers.”

He went on to say that active employment measures and shorter work hours would continue: “We will also endeavor to tie these continued aid with vaccination, and we will do so through dialogue between the Labour Ministry and the National Civil Protection Directorate and the Employment Bureau. It is important to us that people get vaccinated so that they can get this aid and that the aid goes to those people who take care of themselves, others and ultimately the Croatian economy.”

It was also announced that a public tender for short-term aid will be published for the transport, tourism and culture sectors. The aid package will be available to those companies that registered losses of at least 75 percent in 2020 and 2021 as compared to 2019. Labour and Pension System Minister Josip Aladrović also announced that citizens who qualify for the so-called family pension will be able to work part-time jobs while receiving the full pension.

Source: HRT

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