17:15 / 15.09.2023.

Author: Branko Lozančić

Foreign citizen rescued on Biokovo in operation lasting 18 hours

The rescue operation

The rescue operation

Foto: HGSS / Croatian Mountain Rescue Service

In the afternoon, members of the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service (HGSS) rescued a foreign citizen who got lost on the inaccessible terrain of Biokovo. They brought him down to the first houses where he was taken over by Emergency Medical Services, reported the Makarska HGSS station reported.

“The rescue operation, in which 25 HGSS members participated, lasted 18 hours, and today we lowered the victim with the help of a rope to the first houses, from where he was taken by ambulance because he was under stress and had hematomas on his body,” said the head of HGSS Makarska Ante Kukavica.

The report about the disappearance of a foreign citizen was received yesterday afternoon. A group of HGSS members then went out to the field and found him on an inaccessible field and spent the whole night with him.

The action of lowering him with the help of a rope was carried out today - from the place where the foreign citizen was found, he was lowered at a height of 550 meters from the first houses.

Source: HRT

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