22:13 / 14.05.2022.

Author: Katja Miličić

First child of Ukrainian refugees in Croatia is born in Gospić

Croatia's first Ukrainian baby

Croatia's first Ukrainian baby

Foto: HRT / HRT

Baby Dara was born on May 13 at the hospital in Gospić, weighing 3.220 kg and measuring 50 cm in length. Both mother and baby are doing well, said Dr. Sandra Čubelić, the head of Gospić Hospital.

Dara’s mother, Olha Holovčak, said she’s grateful for the care she’s received.

“Everything, everything is fine. The hospital staff and everyone here are very kind. They take good care of mothers and children,” said Holovčak.

This is Holovčak’s second child. She, along with, Dara’s 13-year old brother, aunt, and 82-year-old grandmother are staying in temporary housing at a hotel in Gospić.

Grandmother Zoja Georgijvna Volic says Dara is a gift from God, as her name suggests.

The family says they are happy with their accommodations in Lika but dream about returning home as soon as they can.

“There are good people taking care of us, I am infinitely grateful,” says Georgijvna Volic.

Although the birth of a child is a joyous occasion for the family, Olha's happiness is mixed with grief over the fate of her husband, who is in war-torn Ukraine. She does manage to share her first moments with Dara with him by phone.

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