19:26 / 04.08.2021.

Author: Domagoj Ferenčić

Firefighters aided by Croatian Armed Forces contain wildfire near Trogir

View of the wildfire from Kaštel Kambelovac

View of the wildfire from Kaštel Kambelovac

Foto: Zvonimir Barisin / PIXSELL

Roughly 1 600 hectares of shrub land, pine forest and olive groves have been consumed by the blaze that started on Monday. Officials believe the blaze was started by a short circuit from a powerline.

After three days firefighters have managed to contain the biggest wildfire on the Adriatic coast in the past four years near Seget Gornji in the Trogir hinterland. On Tuesday night the blaze threatened the village of Labin Dalmatinski, however firefighters accompanied by ground and air support from the Croatian Armed Forces managed to contain the fire.

President Zoran Milanović and Fire Chief Slavko Tucaković surveyed the damage by helicopter earlier today, while Prime Minister Andrej Plenković visited the Operational Fire Command in Divulje to get acquainted with the current situation on the ground.

"I think it’s clear that we've made some serious forward progress over the past three or four years. Especially in terms of the synergy between our firefighters, police, the civil protection directorate and obviously the Croatian Armed Forces, which is on site providing air support. There is also good cooperation between counties, cities and municipalities. I think that this example has shown how the entire Homeland Security System has achieved a commendable level of coordination," the prime minister said.

Firefighters had initially brought the blaze under control on Tuesday morning, however, high winds reignited the wildfire that went on to consume roughly an additional 800 hectares of shrub land, pine forest and olive groves. Firefighter and army personnel will remain on site for the time being to ensure that this does not happen again.

Source: HRT

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