17:22 / 20.11.2022.

Author: Branko Lozančić

Final day of commemorations for victims of Vukovar

The Ovčara mass grave site

The Ovčara mass grave site

Foto: HTV / HRT

Today was the last day of this year's commemorations for victims of Vukovar. At the memorial of the largest mass grave in our country, a program titled "Ovčara - an eternal wound" was held. Prior to the program, at the site of the former largest Serbian concentration camp in Croatia, in the courtyard of the Velepromet company, survivors of the camp, family members of those killed and representatives of associations paid their respects to the victims of that and other Serbian concentration camps. 

Mato Gombović and his wife Kata, whose son was killed there, laid a wreath for all the victims at the memorial plaque on one of the hangars.

“I watched them beat him and he watched them beat me, they later took him to Ovčara and took me to Mitrovica,” said Gombović.

Dragutin Guzovski, the president of the Association of Inmates of Serbian Concentration Camps in Vukovar-Srijem County, recalled the terrible crimes that took place at Velepromet.

“After Srebrenica, this was the greatest suffering that took place in the Homeland War. This part of the fairground was occupied, and people were brought here who suffered a horrific ordeal. After Vukovar fell on the 20th in the morning hours, in a very savage and inhumane manner, more than ten thousand soldiers, civilians and wounded were brought here along with everyone else that was in Vukovar,” said Guzovski.

The delegation of the Green-Left Bloc Club of Representatives in Parliament led by Bojan Glavašević paid tribute to the victims of Vukovar. His father, war reporter Siniša Glavašević, was killed at Ovčara.

“It is very personal for me and it is very difficult to be here every time. On the other hand this is my city; I will always walk through it with my head up proudly, and in the end my family and I are engraved into this city and it is engraved into us;” said Glavašević.

Children of killed and missing soldiers that defended Vukovar have been searching for their parents for 31 years - they say they will not lose hope while they are alive.

“I am still looking for my father, he's listed as a missing Croatian soldier, he was taken from Jakubovac; Serbians from Negoslavci came for him and the other Croats, they took them in the direction of Ovčara and killed them. Besides that, to this day we have no other information,” said the president of the Association of Children of Dead and Missing Soldiers from the Homeland War Sandra Rapčak Škomrlj.

“Our efforts will continue to be to search until the final missing person is found in the Republic of Croatia and provide children all support in further development and work in their lives and help them find their loved ones as soon as possible,” said Minister of Defense Mario Banožić.

Source: HRT

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