18:47 / 29.05.2021.

Author: Branko Lozančić

Favorable epidemiological situation continues

The fight against the coronavirus (Photo: HRT)

The fight against the coronavirus (Photo: HRT)

Foto: - / HRT

Today, there were 338 newly infected people with the coronavirus in our country. The share of people testing positive among nearly 6,000 tested was 5.5%. Ten people have died and mass vaccinations continue.

The favorable epidemiological trend continues, but unfortunately the total number of deaths since the beginning of the pandemic has exceeded 8,000. 819 people are in hospitals, of which 88 are on respirators. Mass vaccinations continue.

Tourist employees of the Arena Group and other active working people in Pula were vaccinated today by the Director of the Croatian Institute of Public Health, Krunoslav Capak, and the Minister of Health, Vili Beroš.

“The turnout is satisfactory and this is a message that we want to send to all tourists planning to come to Istra this year, that we want to protect our health, but in that manner we are also protecting their health. It is a message of responsibility towards guests. Guests expect this from us. Respecting epidemiological measures and vaccination truly places a strong tool in our hands to fight this virus and in the end we decide by ourselves on our own fate,” said Minister Beroš.

“300 people were called here today and from what I see the majority have turned up. Everything was organized perfectly and everything is functioning. Istra has a very good turnout of workers in tourism, it is estimated that around 60% of workers in tourism have been vaccinated until now. Since we promoted the fact that we would vaccinate workers in tourism and since we have an ever better epidemiological situation, I would say that we have a chance to have a good tourist season. Everybody would rather come to such a place if they know the staffs have been vaccinated,” said the Director of the Institute of Public Health, Krunoslav Capak.

In other counties efforts are being made to vaccinate as many people as possible. In Zagreb County, which registered 38 new infections, mass vaccination continued over the weekend.

“In nine cities we plan to vaccinate 11,500 people, and provide the second dose for 3,000. These are more or less active working people. Everything is going phenomenally and this is the sixth time we have been conducting mass vaccinations in our county over the weekend,” said the Director of the County Institute of Public Health, Leo Šunjić.

Citizens receive calls and appointments for vaccination from their family doctors, and more and more of them are receiving calls through the companies in which they work.

Source: HRT

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